Born and bred in the wilds of West Yorkshire, England; I studied History at Oxford University and Theology at the University of Leeds in the late eighties and early nineties. I've been writing stories ever since I could pick up a pen and am passionately interested in documenting the experience of gay people in a manner that goes beyond the all too often very metropolitan, youth based, niche culture that is often the face that the gay community presents to the world. I enjoy exploring the ordinary, everyday lives of gay people in a society that still is equivocal about fully accepting them. I confess that I’m not too interested in lives lived within a ‘bubble’ of those who are all the same.

As an historian and a theologian I am currently fascinated by the dynamic between faith and sexuality and, in particular, the consequences rather than the causes of the Christian Church's current stance on the question of gay rights.

I live and work very happily in the North West of England with my partner who is a professional musician and broadcaster. I suppose we should have cats but we don't; I'm allergic to them!