A Nightingale In The Sycamore by Tim Bairstow The moment Nick laid eyes on Dan, standing on a frozen school rugby pitch; he fell in love with him. For Nick, there was only ever Dan.

For years Nick kept his love locked inside, never dreaming that Dan could feel the same way. Yet, as the end of their school years approach, Dan makes a move that shatters all of Nick’s certainties. Through fear, angst and overpowering joy their friendship blossoms in to love – first love!

A shattering break-up leaves Nick aching for the boy who meant everything to him, for twenty years, until he unexpectedly meets Dan again. First love burns deep. It is unforgettable. The question for Nick and Dan, as the full horror of what tore them apart is gradually revealed, is: can it ever be repeated? Is first love the only really true love?