• A Nightingale
    In The Sycamore

    The moment Nick laid eyes on Dan, standing on a frozen school rugby pitch; he fell in love with him. For Nick, there was only ever Dan. For years Nick kept his love locked inside, never dreaming that Dan could feel the same way.

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  • The Shadow Of
    Your Wings

    In a stunning debut novel, Tim Bairstow takes us on an unflinching and forensically observed journey in to the darkest recesses of the Church, laying bare the hypocrisy, deceit, self-delusion and damaged lives that lay behind the glittering image.

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  • What Do You Want For Christmas

    Achingly nostalgic and acutely observed, Tim Bairstow's highly acclaimed second novel is by turns sexy, poignant and hilarious. 'What Do You Want for Christmas' strikes deep emotional chords for anyone who has ever been young and in love and not just at Christmas!

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  • Cloven

    Thought provoking and tense, passionate and hugely sexy, Tim Bairstow's latest novel is another compelling addition to British gay romantic fiction.

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He's Sleazy So Sack him?

Interesting article this: A Sports Science Professor at Winchester University, Prof Eric Anderson, is facing calls that he should be dismissed from his university post because, way back in 2011, the then 43 year old professor took part in a debate at Oxford University in which he admitted to having slept with a thousand men and hoped that he would sleep with a thousand more before he died. He added that he especially likes sex with 16, 17 and 18 year old men! http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2014/11/09/christian-group-calls-for-sacking-of-gay-winchester-professor/

Cue major outpouring of bile (albeit rather belated!) For sure, one might react to the idea of a middle aged man hooking up with teenagers with a little distaste. Some might even be envious. Others might be envious but hide there own confusion about that behind a façade of horror and condemnation - it is a known cover-up technique after all. NOT that I am saying as much about Alan Titchmarsh who has emerged from his garden-bound world to attack the said professor. He's actually the Chancellor of Winchester University .... I make no comment .... nope .... not one! Oh, alright then: how in the hell did Alan Titchmarsh get to be a university chancellor????

The problem is that, if the professor is true to his word and takes as sexual partners only those over the age of 16, he is doing nothing wrong legally. The teenagers are, by law, held to be old enough to make informed consent to a sexual relationship with whomsoever they please. Professor Anderson is not their school teacher even if they are still at school. If he were, he would be in serious trouble. As it is, he is not. Young men on his sports science course may or may not choose to sleep with their tutor - they are over 18 after all and such things are hardly unknown.

Still ... I suspect that many of us will share a little shudder of distaste. It's a tricky one: the power relationship, the fact that teenagers are impressionable and, perhaps, ought to be regarded as off-limits by well-intentioned middle aged men.

The crux of the issue is this, however: is it right to take our possible distaste at someone's sexual preferences, honestly and openly expressed, and use this as an argument to demand that he lose his job, his professional reputation and be pilloried as a 'bad man'. I think not. I may or may not like what someone does in their private life but, so long as it is legal and consensual, I have to say that its none of my damned business. No more is it the business of his employer. If we hold that it is, we are on a slippery slope back to the narrow and possibly bigoted 'boss' being able to sack someone on account of their private life.

We do seem to be developing a very censorious side to our society, almost Victorian in its prurience. We claim the right to sit in judgment over someone's intimate and private life, aspects of their behaviour, mistakes that they may or may not have made and to appoint ourselves judge, jury and public executioner.

Sadly, the Christian church can usually be relied upon to be in the forefront when it comes to morally outraged condemnation of those who's lifestyles do not conform to its own standards. This always strikes me as odd since they are supposedly followers of Jesus of Nazareth: a man whose lifestyle back in 1st Century Palestine was held by the religious authorities of his day to be absolutely scandalous, to say nothing of the claims made about him after his death! Christianity is a religion of the edge, the marginalised, the rule-breakers and those whose only rule is love.

Worse still, a group calling itself 'Because Children Matter' is the organisation that is calling for Prof Anderson's dismissal. Talk about a wolf hiding in sheep's clothing! Of course children matter, you don't need to be an Evangelical Christian to think that you just have to be a properly functioning human being. But it is this Evangelical Christian group that has got the blood-lust up for the slightly sleazy professor whilst disguising itself as a philanthropic, child centred organisation. That, frankly, stinks!

Were I a father, I would certainly be unhappy about Prof Anderson taking my 16 year old son out for a pizza, shall we say. But, were I a father, I would want to protect my children from the narrow-minded, judgmental, bigoted, hypocritical morons that set up such organisations as 'Because Children Matter'. They damage lives, they hurt people emotionally and spiritually and they are a menace to right-thinking society. In to the bargain, they are a stain on the face of the very beautiful faith that they claim to espouse and do much to discredit it in the eyes of the public. Being anti-gay is simply incompatible with the Christian Faith ... end of!

As to Prof Anderson ... we may not like it or we may not be bothered but no-one has the right to sack a law-abiding citizen for what he does in the privacy of his own bedroom. That's his business, not ours and I think that is how it really should stay.

Weird and Wonderful - January Blues Busting

Well, the Christmas tree has either gone to the recycling or back in the loft. The decorations are put away, the sparkle has left the dark streets and that sense of anticipation, fun and relaxation has evaporated. Yes, Christmas is over and here we are again in deepest, darkest January again with weeks more rubbish weather ahead and a chill dose of cold, hard reality sinking in. I know that I'm a sentimental old thing but I do love Christmas and I hate it when its over. When I was a boy, I used to cry my eyes out when the tree came down - always was a drama queen! - and it still makes me all choked up now. Christmas feels like coming home, somehow. It's like you've journeyed through another year and made it safely back to this little mid-Winter haven of hope and joy. Now, its time to journey on again through another year. It's small wonder that people get pretty down at this time of the year. Of course, there's no shortage of gurus out there peddling the latest sure-fire way of beating the post-Christmas blues!

Some of them are only to be expected such as 'join a gym and get fit' - yeah! Some of us do that already and, if you don't, it's hardly a recipe for a surge of elation. Nor are the usual pious exhortations to cut down on alcohol and eat healthily - good things maybe in themselves but a diet of spring water and crunchy vegetables isn't really going to hack it when you feel down. Some are more promising such as; "re-vamp your style" i.e. branch out with a new look. So, how about these crazy, lop-sided pants for a start. Wear them often enough and you too may be able to pee around corners by March. They'd certainly be sure to raise a laugh with your nearest and dearest. I know that laughter is supposed to be an aphrodisiac and a good giggle in the bedroom is the hallmark of a good relationship but ... I think that appearing with sultry look and sporting a pair (are they a pair?) of these would rather cripple Him Indoors' ardour!

Actually, another piece of promising advice is to 'laugh more'. That's good - nothing lifts the spirits like a good laugh. Rather like this gentleman here who is laughing fit to bust after having randomly forgotten to put his shirt on before leaving the house. Mind you, if you look like this it ought to be a public duty to remove your shirt prior to leaving the house. Maybe he's just spotted a pal wearing the lop-sided undies who's forgotten to put his trousers on?

When I was a lad, getting all morose as the tree and the tinsel and the baubles all got stowed away under the stairs again, the advice (no, make that a terse instruction) that I was given was to be thankful for what I'd had and think of others who weren't as fortunate as me. I confess that it didn't really work, aged ten. But thinking outside the bubble of our own lives at this time of the year isn't a bad idea. One of the reasons that Christmas is so nice is that it brings people together (if you're lucky!) and, perhaps, the best way of busting the post-Christmas blues is to keep on thinking about and being concerned about people other than ourselves?

What can we do to make someone happy? What can we do to make someone else's life that little bit better? What cause makes us passionate and what can we do to further it? Is there a way that I could make someone smile, laugh, feel better, feel wanted, needed or loved? I'm not necessarily suggesting that you should go as far as the handsome young carer in Bruce LaBruce's new film 'Gerontophilia' .... well, each to his own, I suppose ... consenting adults and all that ... we'll all be old one day blah-blah-blah ... but it's worth a thought. If we're feeling down and morose, so will someone else close to us be. A smile costs nothing and they really are infectious!

Give it a go? I'm going to try it!

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Christmas Kisses! Christmas Joy! Christmas Giving?

First, an up-date! You'll be pleased to know that the 'bum cheek' cover for 'The Shadow of Your Wings' has made it on to Amazon ... it's there! They must have had a change of heart, bless them. It's also resplendent on Smashwords and Kobo too. Maybe have a look and see what's in front of it? The book, before you get too outraged!

So ... in the immortal words of 'Slade': "Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall? Are you hoping that the snow will start to fall?" You know you're getting older when Christmas creeps up and takes you by surprise, as in, 'it can't be here again already, can it?' But, I have to confess that I love it ... I'm just a big kid at Christmas! I even cry when I put the carols on the CD player for the first time as I decorate the tree 'cos it's all so lovely! Sniffle! Maybe that's why I enjoyed writing 'What do you want for Christmas?' so much. It may have been July but, in my head and my heart as I sat in my study typing away, it was nearly Christmas!

I suppose that Christmas is so special for me because I am one of the lucky ones. I have a partner who loves me, a loving family, good friends and a nice home. Sure, there are empty places at the table: my father, my beloved grandparents and that means a pang of bitter-sweet during the season but, as I said, I am lucky. Many are not. I sincerely hope that Christmas will be lovely for you but, if it is, spare a thought for those for whom it will not be - especially amongst the gay community. Some will have no family to go to, having been thrown out simply for being who they are. Some will be mourning a relationship, others a loved one who has died this year. Others will be stuck in the hell of living a lie that they can't escape without causing huge pain to people that they love and youngsters will be living with the nightmare of homo-phobic bullying or struggling to come to terms with themselves and feeling fearful and alone. If you can, maybe visit the PACE website and leave a donation? This excellent charity works hard to provide counselling and support for members of the LGBTQ community struggling with their mental and emotional well-being. They get very busy at this time of the year. Just follow this link: http://www.pacehealth.org.uk/

Remember too that the baby born all those years ago grew up to be a man who was the embodiment of love, unconditional love for everyone, in every place, for all time. The world surely needs some of that.

Merry Christmas! God bless us, every one! Tim x

In Praise of bare bums ...!

Those of you who are regular visitors to this site will have seen that the artwork for two of my novels: 'The Shadow of Your Wings' and 'What do you want for Christmas?' have received a make-over! This has been done courtesy of the very, very, very wonderful 'Josh' who hosts the site and is a pretty cool graphic designer on the quiet too! I felt for the lad, actually. I think his wife was a bit sceptical about his sudden, and largely nocturnal. interest in homo-erotic art!!! However, leg pulling aside, he persevered and created a couple of bobby dazzlers. I was especially pleased with the cover for 'Shadow' ... released from chains, the naked rear view, the hint of the sweat of effort ... perfect!!!!

Imagine my surprise when Amazon rejected it! Looking at the guidelines that it apparently breached, it appears that my wonderful, bare botty cover ranks as pornography!!! Well, they're entitled to their own guidelines and standards and I will of course meet them but ... pornography ... a bare bum ... really??? The result being that, until the wonderful Josh comes up with something less 'porno' for Amazon, should you buy the book from there you will find a different cover. Fortunately, Smashwords and all their partners are less squeamish and so my lovely bare bum lad will still appear on there!


Do you really think that a bare bum is pornography? If you do then , a la Cosmo Smallpiece (only those of a certain age will get that reference ... and you'd probably need to be British too), hold on to your hats!

The naked male bum is one of the wonders of nature and not normally associated with offence ... titillation, yes, but not offence, surely! Well, unless its sported by a lager lout on a train or in the street with his cheap jeans round his thighs! They're lovely when they appear from their coverings ... or indeed disappear into them! What gay lad or straight lady would disagree that this is lovely.

Some of them are honed to perfection or, depending on taste, look a little like an over-ripe melon but, either way, they look pretty scrummy!

The nicest and homeliest way in which you can encounter one is 'casually' ... the bare bum that is bare just because its a perfectly natural part of everyday life that it should be. And, oh, how lovely it is to wake up in the morning or watch from the bed at night and see a lovely, friendly bum in the bedroom!

For my money, I don't know about you because taste in this, as in everything, is endlessly and marvellously various, the nicest of the lot are the 'peachy' ones!!! Oh, those fine hairs that make them just so ... well ... biteable!!!

Well, as I say, Amazon is perfectly entitled to reject what it wants to reject but it set me on a very nice path of reverie that I thought I would share! They didn't reject the new cover for 'What do you want for Christmas?' ... what do I want? Well, a damned good book to curl up with in the vicinity of my the resident lovely bum provided courtesy of Him Indoors!!! If you too want a nice Christmas read, dare I suggest ....